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Their females were all slain during witch hunts and inquisitions, and the few remaining vampyre males are rich, power-mad, and horny. Desperate to avert extinction, they’ve been hybridizing with humans through their top-secret Speciation Project to create reproductively functioning females of their own kind. Thirty-five years ago, they set their deadliest enforcer, MICHAEL STUART to guard ERINN CALLAHAN—the little girl they hoped would grow up to save their species. But Erinn’s perfect faith in Michael has made him remember the man he used to be, and he longs for redemption. Now The Council is coming for her, and Michael’s decided—they can have her for their breeding project—over his dead body.

To save Erinn, Michael will have to murder his bloodsire, inveigle the help of the estranged son with whom he’s desperate to make amends, and convince The Council that Erinn is no one’s property—or slay them all. If his gambit succeeds, he may lose Erinn forever. If it fails, it could cost Michael, and his son, their very lives.

Or, Erinn might just save them all.


This story is intended for adult audiences only. By continuing to read electronic version of CHALICE, you are affirming you are an adult over eighteen years of age.

The Vampyre Grail Affairs is more than just a story. It is an actual Portal to two alternate versions of Earth Venue and, in one of them, vampyres exist. The sound file “The Portal” is designed to enhance your reading experience of this series and to prime the flow of images through the Third Eye Chakra. It also encourages vivid Lucid Dreams and Innerverse Astral Travelling to these metavenues. If you purchase, read, and review CHALICE, you may claim for Free its first sequel, BEACON, or “The Portal” sound file. Simply post your review and notify the author of your choice at and you will receive an email with a code to download.

Thank you for your support. We look forward to seeing you in The Perfect World.

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Customer Reviews

Robert Wingfield (author of The Dan Provocations - satirical s.

4 months ago

Mind blowing!

I found the introduction of the characters a bit confusing. what with the Stuarts and others I couldn't work out who was who to start with, but my mistake was not to read the blurb, so I recommend you do that at the very beginning. Then it makes sense! An alternative reality where the female vampyres have all gone and the surviving males are trying to perpetuate the species is focused on Erinn who for her sins is the best option they have.
Because she is the only one, all the Stuarts and Michaels and Paeters are fighting to gain possession (or kill her - no wonder they are dying out!). The shady 'speciation project' is also running, and they need bits of her to try to make more vampyres. Poor soul. To make matters worse, she is off her head a load of the time on painkillers, and many things seem to happen to her outside her control... until the last few chapters when she finally gets some balls (!!!?) in more ways than the obvious.
Very rude in parts. but it's great to read a story that doesn't beat about the bush (!) in the pussyfoot (!) way of some others.
Hang on to your hat. (!)

Buddy B.

1 year ago

Reimagining vampire fiction

When biologist Erinn Callahan accepts an unexpected invitation from a stranger to take part in a scientific study in Spain, she finds herself at the center of a conflict between vampires who want to keep her safe and a powerful ancient vampire who wants her for his own purposes and is willing to destroy anyone to claim her. Vague memories from her past are unburied even as she longs to unwrap a dream — or is it?— of a forbidden love affair. What emerges is a tautly written story woven together from the perspectives of each character. The tale speeds like a jaguar to an ending that leaves you wanting more. And more you can have, as the author, Mycailín Móhr, promises sequels soon. Make room on your bookshelf, because Chalice is a welcome and worthy addition that reimagines the world of vampire fiction.

Tricia loves to r.

Verified Buyer

1 year ago

A vampyre love story that bursts through boundaries of typical tropes.

From the outside looking in, Erinn Callahan is a normal young woman trying to find her way through life. But scratch the surface, and you will soon realize she is anything but average. Crippled with asthma and memories haunting her, Erinn carries much more power in her cells than even she realizes.

Outside her periphery, a population of very powerful and ancient vampyres struggle to survive and populate. Their answer to this problem is what’s called Speciation Project, and unbeknownst to her, Erinn is their test subject.

Enter Michael Stuart, a six-foot-eight vampyre who is as strong as he is charismatic and handsome. Known for his brutal methods, Michael is assigned to watch over Erinn, allowing her only to see glimpses of him when she’s cast under his spell, and he can control the outcome. After watching her grow up for many years, Michael has not just grown fond of Erinn, he is madly in love with her.

Unfortunately, Michael isn’t the only one who has been watching over Erinn. Another ancient and extremely powerful vampyre, known as Old Stuart, is not only evil to his core; he is bent on destroying Erinn, but not before harvesting from her body everything he needs to complete his mission of immortality.

A war is coming that will challenge not only Erinn’s view of the world and her role in it but the balance of these ancestral beings and their future. Can Erinn survive these formidable vampyres? Or is the real question; can they survive her?

This book is unlike any other vampyre story I have ever read. Not only is the writing exquisite but the characters are fully developed with flaws and strengths that make them leap off the page. Author Callaghan Grant has created a vast, tantalizing and terrifying world. Once you enter, you never want to leave. She writes like a pro and brings a new dimension to an age-old tale.

I can’t wait to read the next book in this series.

Liam S.

Verified Buyer

1 year ago

A great saga through time

Chalice is a great book. It has a unique take of vampire lore, with crisp, engaging characters and lush settings. It is a strong work, and if your sensitive to more visceral experience, you might want to brace yourself. I highly recommend this book to anyone who collects vampire literature.