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After decades of watching over Erinn Callahan, with Old Stuart out of his way, Erinn is finally within Michael Stuart's reach—just as he's discovering a dark secret, hidden in his subconscious mind. Determined to woo Erinn away from his son and bloodget, (Paeter Stuart)—Michael must keep her from the clutches of The Speciation Project at the same time. She's maneuvering to avoid both he and Paeter—trying to sort the seismic emotions Michael's first confession generated—and there are much bigger worms waiting to escape that can. Michael's commitment to reform is tested at every turn, but as much as he wills to do the right things, he too is being stalked—and by the very Spirit who slew Old Stuart, possessing Erinn's body to end the late Clan Elder.

Surrounded on every front with rivals for Erinn's heart and company, will Michael discover who his true allies and adversaries are in time to save Erinn—to save himself? Will he choose to do the right thing when faced with the choices that break his heart and bend his mind? Or will he heed the Little Voice that slew Old Stuart—and give his life to save his immortal soul?


This story is intended for adult audiences only. By continuing to read electronic version of CHALICE, you are affirming you are an adult over eighteen years of age.

The Vampyre Grail Affairs is more than just a story. It is an actual Portal to two alternate versions of Earth Venue and, in one of them, vampyres exist. The sound file “The Portal” is designed to enhance your reading experience of this series and to prime the flow of images through the Third Eye Chakra. It also encourages vivid Lucid Dreams and Innerverse Astral Travelling to these metavenues. If you purchase, read, and review BEACON, you may claim for Free its first sequel, TRAVELLER, or “The Portal” sound file. Simply post your review and notify the author of your choice at and you will receive an email with a code to download.

Thank you for your support. We look forward to seeing you in The Perfect World.

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