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Entangled Hearts

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There is no death. It is merely an illusion. This manual, from the visionary mystic and Near-Death Experiencer, Cailín J Callaghan, gives all the insight required to reconnect with pet spirits and bring them back into our lives in new bodies—ensuring our life paths remain as intertwined as our hearts are entangled. The manual is a quick read and gets you on your way to hooking up with your disembodied pets in the astral and in the Earth Venue. It's message of Love's triumph over the illusion of death inspires and reassures—and the methods work—demonstrating clearly the axiom:

"We cannot be apart from those whom Love makes us a part of."


Purchase, read, and review RISE or Entangled Hearts and get CHALICE or Beacon from The Vampyre Grail Affairs for FREE along with the Lucid Dream Induction audio file "The Portal--Lucid Dream."

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Kinga D.

Verified Buyer

2 months ago

Entangled Hearts

I had the most amazing experience with the author teaching me how I can get my pet back. How to talk to my pet and tell him to come back to me after he passed away. And then listening to my pet direct me where and how to find him. It is really true that we are one. The our love is eternal and that our pets can really reincarnate and come back to us if we ask them to and then follow their direction of how and where to find them again.