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Portal To The Perfect World

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Get your lucid Zs on with this second cut from Imagifestor Audio. Helping you access your own back door out of Earth Venue, this mp3 is a little over two hours. Designed to give you a profound lucid dream experience, it begins with a gamma beam to alert your subconscious mind, eases into alpha, then goes to theta for ninety minutes, priming your Third Eye's Imagifestational flow and creating vivid lucid imagery. Relax and let it take you smoothly into dreams and deep, restorative delta wave sleep, then lift you to lighter levels of theta to remember your dreams.

´╗┐The author and creator of this audio is a life-long practitioner of Lucid Dreaming and Innerverse Travelling. She designed this experience herself and submits it for your creative sleep pleasure and to teach your subconscious mind how to access its inherent ability to astral journey the Innerverse at will. The Binaural beats induce relaxation and heightened focus to take your imagifesting to its next level. Expect the best sleep you've had in decades~and to waken with an optimistic mindspace. This audio file is sure to deliver!

You will get a MP3 (196MB) file

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