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Literally everything the aspirant needs to Liberate themselves from the dream of captivity to the world they unconsciously made, RISE will take your power to control anxiety, OCD, intrusive thoughts, and PTSD to its highest level as you attain Lucidity. RISE is a field guide to Earth Venue that will turn your perceptions inside out and right side up--revealing the world as the ultimate lab or gym in which to exercise Lucidity and attain Mastery of your mind and your subjective experience.

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Verified Buyer

1 week ago


Simply said "Rise" was wonderful! If you suffer from anxiety, grief, or are otherwise afflicted this text provides practical insight on liberating your runaway mind, to aid in not having things live in your head "rent free" and to help you to begin to experience peace. Although "Rise" presents in-depth knowledge and discernment, Callaghan's conversational style details transferable constructive concepts and techniques on controlling if not mastering your thoughts and growing Lucidity. Most definitely a 5-Star read!!!

Andena Sananda K.

Verified Buyer

4 months ago

“IMAGIFEST”… The word that says it ALL!!!

“IMAGIFEST”… the word that says it all; the implication, exceedingly clear. As sole creator of y/our life experience, we posses sole responsibility for the out-picturing of the projection which shapes y/our perception. ‘Rise’ is a quick read, short and sweet, to the point, but such is wisdom -- expressly simple in its delivery, uncomplicated in its understanding, straight, without necessity for chaser of any kind. Callaghan nails it in this field guide for the realization of true soul-alignment within ‘The (earth) Venue’. Love this gift, as it truly is just that…a wonderful gift to the collective, intended to spark y/our remembrance of the True Self, as individuation of the Divine within form. THIS is an absolute MUST-READ if, and only if, one is ready to move beyond the stories of limiting belief, into realized and embodied truth, or Lucidity, for the sake of the Self, and ultimately the whole of the Collective Us.

Brian D. S.

5 months ago

A whole new way to look at the world

Since the passing of my daughter, almost nine years ago, I've had to develop a new way to look at the world. Many Near Death Experiencers tell us that we essentially look at the world in a upside down fashion. Idealism tells us that consciousness is primary and the material world we think is "solid" is actually a by-product of consciousness.

Rise has furthered my understanding of our reality and how we interact with it by framing what we perceive as a dream. And, just like in our dreams at night, we can become lucid in this dream. The book gives practical advice for how we do this and what the benefits are.