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Worlds intertwine in this earthshaking finale to the first three book cycle as Cailín struggles to survive, journeying inward to escape her tortured form. But the Portal she built to escape her body astounds. She begins to encounter her characters therein in vivid lucid astral travels and dreams. She never realized the full consequences of her own imagifestations, and now the villain she rendered eternal, and able to loop back into his own timeline, is poised to traverse realm barriers too—to enter the Earth venue. Old Stuart seems different, now that he's trapped in The Portal, but how far can an evil-genius blood-sucking vampyre with a taste for others' suffering really be trusted? Cailín faces grave uncertainties: Is Terra a world she imagifested—or did she merely stumble across it in her vast and expanding mindspace? Does she owe these characters a karmic debt? And what, if anything, can she reasonably call "real" any more.

In the clutches of The Speciation Project, Erinn is required to produce progeny for The Council—according to the terms of the accord her clan patriarch, Levi, negotiated to stop The Council from slaying Michael and Paeter. Isolated and surrounded by males who don't respect her sovereignty over her body, Erinn regrets ejecting Cailín from her mindspace. Although she begged her Daemon guide to return and save from her from all the men vying to control her form, she never imagined Cailín's rejoinder to her plea might be so direct an intervention.

The Council's forces are closing in on Levi—who's holding both Erinn and David captive to The Speciation Project's ends. As the oldest of them, Levi's experience and unwavering integrity have made him trusted among their kind. He's long interceded with The Council to protect humanity in Terra venue from ruination by the vampyre uber elites, but Council Elder Andries Rothmann has a plan to throw Levi into disrepute—in preparation to launch his most catastrophic assault on humanity yet.

Close long-term friends with The Council's High Elder, Jozua Rothmann—whom Michael rescued from Old Stuart's clutches centuries before—Levi negotiated an accord with The Council to get them to rescind the termination orders they issued on Michael and Paeter for absconding with Erinn. But Michael's desperation to find and rescue Erinn and David has rendered him rash. He's alienating his most loyal allies at every turn, and if he takes Erinn before the accord Levi has negotiated comes to fruition, The Council will be coming to slay Michael and Paeter and make Erinn their brood queen.


This story is intended for adult audiences only. By continuing to read electronic version of CHALICE, you are affirming you are an adult over eighteen years of age.

The Vampyre Grail Affairs is more than just a story. It is an actual Portal to two alternate versions of Earth Venue and, in one of them, vampyres exist. The sound file “The Portal” is designed to enhance your reading experience of this series and to prime the flow of images through the Third Eye Chakra. It also encourages vivid Lucid Dreams and Innerverse Astral Travelling to these metavenues. If you purchase, read, and review TRAVELLER, you may claim for Free “The Portal” sound file. Simply post your review and notify the author of your choice at and you will receive an email with a code to download.

Thank you for your support. We look forward to seeing you in The Perfect World.

NOTICE: This is an Ebook.

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