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At the age of twenty, I died when I was kicked in the face by a stallion and knocked from the back of the running mare I'd been astride, chasing that stallion. I left my body and watched the form that had been mine fall to the ground. Then, I was suddenly in a benevolent Lustrous Vast—and I felt perfect. Met there by the guide whom I had written off as "merely a childhood imaginary friend," he gave me a life review and a revelation—of what I had been doing that had been making me so miserable. I realized, we all, habitually, make this same mistake.

So expansive was the revelation he gave me, that my Being was filled with indescribable Love. I determined to help end all the suffering in the world—by giving that Liberating Perspective to everyone. Using the power Michael revealed to me—a potential latent within each of us—I was able to raise my body from the dead. No one revived me. These abilities belong to us all—but the understandings Michael revealed were based in Quantum science and, in 1978, the world was simply not ready.

The world is ready now—and so are you. That you are here, reading this, proves it. The Universe has led you here because it needs you, Lucid in "The Dream of The World," to participate in The Shift you've all been hearing so much about.

There is a new Earth coming—and the knowledge you'll discover, by reading "The Vampyre Grail Affairs," is its Portal. You'll find the same knowledge in a "non-fiction" format, in "Rise In Lucidity and Master Anxiety."

Come join us on this journey of personal and global transformation. Purchase any book in "The Vampyre Grail Affairs" through the Payhip store and, along with it, you'll get "The Portal"—the lucid dream induction audio file that uses binaural beats to recreate "The Locker room" environment that is central to this series. Use "The Portal" as reading ambiance, and it induces an enhanced, more vivid story experience—and lucid dreams. Fall asleep reading "Chalice"—and you'll wake up in a whole new world—where all good things are not only possible. They're waiting for You.