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Featured Artist: Mycailín An Móhr

Born and raised in Tampa, FL, Mycailín had many spontaneous out-of-body experiences and frequent lucid dreams that convinced her there was far more to reality than can be perceived with the physical senses. Attending the University of South Florida, she earned her BA in Psychology and studied Interdisciplinary Natural Sciences. Her knowledge of integrated sciences has allowed her to render her "fictional" worlds with dynamism and clarity that lend an immersive sense of reality. The vampyres she has created occupy their own ecological niche, with biology, physical traits, behaviors, and society, all based in science. Mycailín wields her understanding of human nature to render characters with backstories and psychologies that are both relatable and compelling.

Surviving a freak accident with horses that, in 1978, resulted in a secular Near Death Experience (NDE), her definitions of what can be credibly called "real" were greatly expanded. Mycailín uses her work to entertain while she raises social awareness and broadens the reader's knowledge of the mechanics of astral travel, empathism, and the so-called "occult," all wrapped up in "meaty but easily digestible" esoterica.

As a woman raised in the United States, Mycailín is deeply motivated to improve relations between men and women. Striving to take a fair and feminist approach, she uses her storytelling to boldly confront the sexism that is so pervasive that men and women alike have become blind to its nuances.

She still lives in North Florida where she raises an endangered species of peafowl ("peacocks") and plans her escape from the cycle of reincarnation in this world venue we call Earth. She invites her readers suggestions and comments through her email address: